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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Blog Layout freebie--come get it!

Ok so I thought I would share my layout with everyone and it's free so all you gotta do is copy what is in the textarea box onto your layout spot of codes, and then for the header save it on your own server and then go to your header thing on layout, and upload it, then make sure you check the shrink box to make it fit on the top of the layout. That's all you have to do, no credits or copyright I already put a watermark on the header and the layout. If you don't want the header to just say Happy Holidays, email me and I will edit it for ya for free. Or let me know on my shoutbox, and that's basically it, please leave comments since I made this one for free, I will come out with more, just give me a couple days to make more. Hope you like it, also one more thing, if people would like to have the layout, please share my link with them instead of just giving them the code please. I appreciate it!



*Note the header is not the same size as shown*

Copy the following codes into layout html:


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