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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New moon preview!

Omg I havent post in a long time, but Ive been busy! After christmas Ill be posting more.

I had to post this video, I saw the movie twilight couple weeks ago, and I loved it! And I started reading the second book, and finished it in like 5 days. Now im gonna read the rest, and Im sooooo into it now.

Here I found the REAL trailer to NEW MOON coming next summer, im assuming it is already out in different countries! ITS SOOO AMAZING!.. if you have not read the book yet i advice you not to see this trailer cus it will spoil the rest of the book for ya, it did for me =p

New Moon Trailer (fanmade) - video powered by Metacafe

Write me comments about how you like this series

I heard that Stephenie Meyer(the author) is deciding whether to make the 5th book- Midnight Sun! oooooohhhh so juicy details lol!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ummmmm this is NOT the real trailer..... those clips are from The Messengers, The Covenant and Twilight....sorry to break it to ya...

I'm glad you enjoyed Twilight though! :) I can't wait for New Moon as well, they are casting for the movie already, I have the info on my website...
and I have a forum too